Navigation for VW Seat & Skoda 7" | Carplay | Android | DAB+ | 64GB

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We have answered the most frequently asked questions about this product here. If your question is not listed, please send us an email.

1. What is the advantage of this radio over the others on the market?
The main advantage is that the radio has 2GB of RAM, making it work super fast, the best-selling radios in this price range have 1GB of RAM, which is just not enough that the device will often crash. The image and sound quality is also very good.

2. Does this car radio have a code?
Our car radios do not need a code. It works without a code.

3. Does the radio work with a Dynaudio sound system?
Yes, all you need to do is disconnect the car battery and wait 30 minutes. The Dynaudio system will reset and recognize our car radio. You should only do this if the sound is not working. Note this is only necessary with a Dynaudio system.

4. Is the radio user-friendly?
Our car radio is very user-friendly, when you search on the internet you come across radios with many apps on the home screen, we have chosen to place the most important apps on the home screen. The other apps can be reached via the "apps" button.

5. Why is the car radio very cheap?
We understand that you have doubts when you get a quote from the dealer of € 1000 and paid 3 times less with us, we have chosen to work with very low profit margins, because we have no expensive fixed costs. We do not have thousands of branches or employees. We work with a small team and have chosen to make less profit per product. That is why the products are so cheap. Don't worry, the quality and options are perfect. That is also the reason that we almost never get a product back, if we get a product back, it is because the customer ordered incorrectly :-)

6. Does this car radio have an RDS function?
Yes the radio has RDS function, the names of the radio stations are displayed, and you can store preset stations.

7. Will the car's original functions continue to work?
Yes, the steering wheel control, parking sensors, and information display etc will continue to work. If the car has a camera, and you want to connect it, you need a module.

8. Does the radio support DAB stations?
Yes, you do need a DAB antenna, search for article "USBDAB" via the search bar.

9. Is Carplay & Android Auto supported?
Yes, this option is built-in and therefore you do not need any additional accessories. The radio has a USB connection on the back, which can be extended with the supplied cable, to which you can connect your phone. With item N8VW7RNSW you don't need a cable, you can connect it via Bluetooth.

10. Which country do the products come from?
Avison is a Dutch brand, the products come from the Netherlands, which is why we also have a fast delivery time.
- Car radios sent for free
- We ship to all of Europe
- Products with CE mark
- 2 year warranty
- Delivered within 2 days
- Experienced customer service

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