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You have purchased a new radio, connected it and it has worked. But after a while it doesn't turn on anymore. Don't worry, the radio is not defective. When you buy a radio with a CANBUS module and mount it in an old opel, the CANBUS module is sometimes blocked by the car because the car no longer recognizes the CANBUS after a while. You can bypass this, follow the manual below.

1. Look for a switched 12V power supply.
2. Locate the ACC (red) wire on the radio.
3. Connect the ACC (red) wire of the radio to the switched 12V power supply.

Now the car radio will continue to work if the CANBUS module is blocked. This instruction always works. You can also connect the CANBUS switched so that the steering wheel control continues to work. Please contact us for this.

If the car radio does not switch on, check whether the B + (yellow) and ACC (red) wire of the radio is supplied with 12V power. The car radios are always tested in the factory after production, so we have never experienced that the car radios are defective. We have found that it is connected incorrectly. That is why we recommend outsourcing the assembly / installation to a specialist.

We have made a video manual, see link below

You can change the car radio language to all languages. In the video below we show how to do that.

We show in a video how you can change the background image of the radio. Click on the link below.

The radio has a hidden settings menu. In the video below we show you how to get there. The PIN is 8888.

Yes you can, watch the video below.

We have shown in a video how to set the time correctly. Watch the video below.

Do not worry, there is a solution for every problem. The radio has a lot of options, usually the option is set correctly. But it sometimes happens that you have to make a small adjustment in the settings. Please contact us by email for problems.