Navigation for Seat Ibiza 6J | Carplay | Android | DAB+ | Bluetooth | 64GB

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Introducing the AVISON car radio, specifically designed for Seat Ibiza vehicles. This car radio by AVISON brand offers a range of impressive features, ensuring an enhanced driving experience while preserving the original functionalities of your vehicle.

With CarPlay integration, seamlessly connect your iPhone to the car radio. Effortlessly navigate with Apple Maps, respond to messages, enjoy your favorite music, and utilize other convenient iPhone apps, all through the clear touchscreen of the car radio.

Android Auto
For Android phone users, Android Auto provides the same seamless experience. Utilize Google Maps for navigation, enjoy voice-controlled features, stream music, and take advantage of a wide range of other apps, all with the ease and reliability you expect.

Fast hardware
Equipped with fast hardware, this car radio ensures smooth and responsive operation. Switch between functions quickly, effortlessly navigate through menus, and access all your favorite apps and settings without any delay.
The user-friendly design of the AVISON car radio ensures hassle-free enjoyment of all its features. With intuitive controls and a clear interface, the car radio is easy to operate, even while driving.

Original functions of your vehicle
What sets this car radio apart is its ability to preserve the original functionalities of your vehicle. You can still utilize steering wheel controls, parking sensors, reverse camera, and other specific features of your Volkswagen, Seat, or Skoda. This seamless integration retains the functionality you are accustomed to.

Better driving experience
Upgrade your driving experience today with the AVISON car radio. With CarPlay, Android Auto, fast hardware, user-friendliness, and preservation of the original vehicle functionalities, you'll enjoy the ultimate audio experience in your Volkswagen, Seat, or Skoda.

World map
With this car radio, you can easily, free of charge and quickly access all types of navigation maps using the pre-installed Playstore application. Thanks to the large offer you have an infinite number of free navigation applications at your disposal. The advantage of this is that you will always have the most recent maps in your hands. After all, you want to be sure that you are driving in the right direction. The maps will update automatically as soon as an internet connection is available.

Easily play all types of media via USB, Bluetooth (A2DP), AUX, or FM radio. In addition, make hands-free calls using Bluetooth and the built-in microphone. This car radio supports all types of smartphones, including Apple iOS, Windows and Android smartphones. Download your contact list and call logs to ensure you can make hands-free calls behind the wheel. Install your favorite apps like, Spotify, Flitsmeister, Youtube, Waze, Parkmobile etc. via the Playstore and discover for yourself how fun driving with this car radio can actually be.

This car radio has an AM/FM tuner with the option to store presets. It is also possible to listen to DAB+ stations, all you need is the optional window antenna "USBDAB" or go with the future and install an internet radio application and enjoy a pure sound without noise when driving through a tunnel.

Screen Mirroring
By choosing Screen Mirroring you will never have to sit behind the wheel with your phone in your hand again. Easily connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to the device to safely access your navigation, music and all the other apps on your phone while driving.

Ready to fit
The product is specifically designed for your vehicle. This means that no additional accessories are required to mount it in your car. All cables are included to mount and use the product. Also, the functions such as steering wheel control, PDC support will always work when installing this car radio in your car.

Rear view camera
It is possible to connect a rear view camera by means of an RCA connection. This car radio supports all cameras with a yellow RCA/Tulip connection. The car radio will then switch to camera image when you put your car in reverse. In most cases it is also possible to connect the original factory camera of your vehicle. This often requires a camera interface.

Thanks to the Canbus module, the original functions such as steering control will always work after mounting the radio. The Canbus also ensures that the navigation system will automatically switch on and off. This prevents the battery from running out when you have accidentally left it on.


  • 2 x USB 2.0 with extension cable
  • 1 x Audio LF input (can also be used as aux)
  • 1 x Audio RF input (can also be used as aux)
  • 1 x Audio LF RF LR RR output (suitable for an amplifier)
  • 2 x Video output (for additional monitors)
  • 1 x Video DVR input
  • 1 x Subwoofer output
  • 1 x Reverse camera input
  • 1 x External microphone input
  • 2 x MicroSD input  

In the wiring harness of the ISO plug there are wires available to turn an external amplifier on and off via the radio, for example. You can also let the car radio detect that the gear is set to "R". The possibilities are endless with this car radio.

Suitable vehicles
Seat Ibiza 6J (2009-2013)
Seat Ibiza 6J Cupra/Concept (2009-2013)
Seat Ibiza 6J FR (2009-2013)
Seat Ibiza 6J Bocanegra (2009-2013)

Package contents
The following accessories and parts are included in the packaging of this car radio:

2 x ISO adapter cables
2 x USB Extend cable
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x RCA Cables
1 x WIFI antenna
1 x CANBUS Interface
1 x User Manual

Although this device is not an official Seat product, it is specially designed by Avison Seat vehicles. This makes it a perfect replacement for the standard factory installed car radio.


  • Brand: AVISON
  • Fit: OEM
  • Screen: 7" HD IPS
  • CPU: 8 Core
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Memory: 64 GB
  • OS: Android 13
  • Carplay: Wireless
  • Android Auto: Wireless
  • Read more

Pros and cons

  • Plug & Play
  • Works without programming
  • Built-in CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Built-in WIFI & Bluetooth
  • Fast & Stable hardware
  • Original car functions continue to work

Most frequently asked questions

Does this product come with all accessories?

The product always comes complete with all the cables needed for installation and operation. Note that in some cases, an additional or alternative cable may be required. This might be necessary if your vehicle is factory-equipped with a specialized system that does not use standard connections or if you have extra accessories in your vehicle. Typically, a simple adapter cable will suffice.

Does this product support CarPlay and Android Auto?

Certainly! This product includes built-in wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. There is no need for a separate dongle or a subscription. The feature works entirely free of charge and comes pre-activated from the factory. Simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to get started.

Do you need a mobile phone or internet to navigate?

This product has its own operating system, making it possible to install applications on the device. This means that you are ultimately not dependent on a mobile phone. Suppose you do not want to use a mobile phone connection, then it is possible to install navigation software for free so that you no longer become dependent on a mobile phone or the internet. Don't feel like installing applications? Then you can connect your mobile phone and use your phone's navigation application.

What else is useful to know about this product?

This car radio not only boasts an array of versatile features but also comes with robust hardware and an IPS screen that delivers sharp, clear visuals and smooth touch responsiveness. Equipped with DSP technology, it offers a comprehensive sound equalizer and high-quality audio for an exceptional listening experience. Each unit undergoes rigorous individual testing post-production, minimizing the likelihood of defects. It includes a standard 2-year warranty and carries the CE quality mark, ensuring compliance with European safety and quality standards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice fit and good sound

Beautiful car radio with large screen, has the same shape and size as the original Seat radio, so it fits nicely in the car. All functions work as described, I bought this car radio for the Carplay option, it works just fine. Radio was delivered complete, I did not have to purchase an extra plug or material. So far a satisfied customer.

Everything works perfectly and it fits nicely in my Seat

Bought this car radio because it has Carplay and Android Auto support and I am very satisfied with it. All functions work as described and the product feels very qualitative. Steering wheel control also continues to work is useful with Spotify. Thanks greetings Richard.

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