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This 3 in1 car radio, multimedia and navigation system from the brand AVISON is a complete device with all the popular options of this time. Specially developed for Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda vehicles. Unlike many other car radios, this device has a powerful 8 Core CPU, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage memory.

Navigate for free online or offline in your preferred language, never pay for an update again. The pre-installed Playstore application offers infinitely free applications that are useful for on the go. The built-in WIFI antenna makes it possible to download and install everything via the car radio.

The built-in CarPlay and Android Auto support can be used without having to purchase an extra dongle. Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth and directly show the maps or Spotify etc on the screen of the car radio, this is possible with all IOS and Android smartphones.

• 8 inch IPS LCD touch screen with 1024x600 resolution
• 8 Core CPU | 4GB RAM | 64GB Storage Memory
• 4 x 50W output power
• Built-in wireless CarPlay support
• Built-in Android Auto support
• Built-in WIFI antenna
• Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 with Microphone
• Steering wheel control support
• Parking sensors support
• Reversing camera support
• Free online and offline navigation
• DAB support
• CANBUS integration (for steering wheel control, parking sensor and air conditioning information).
• AV input/output for aftermarket subs/amps, etc.
• USB connections on the back
• Adjustable lighting color
• Ready-made
• 2 Year Warranty

Navigate Online and Offline
Download a navigation application in your desired language directly via the car radio for free. Then navigate online or offline. With the free applications you also no longer pay for an update, unless stated otherwise.

Bluetooth 5.0
Make a phone call on the go or play music via a paired Bluetooth device. The car radio has a built-in microphone. It is possible to connect an extra microphone via a 3.5mm jack input.

FM and DAB
Listen to FM with preset stations, or connect a DAB antenna and listen to digital radio stations. It is also possible to download a radio application on the car radio. This works best because you won't be bothered by dropped signals.

Music and Video
Listen or watch your videos via a USB stick, Bluetooth or download applications such as Spotify or Youtube etc directly on the car radio.

Connect your car radio to a WIFI hotspot, for example your smartphone, and download free applications from the Playstore. These applications are downloaded and installed on the car radio. These can therefore also be used without a smartphone after installation.

Thanks to the Canbus integration, the original functions such as steering wheel controls will always work after mounting the radio. The Canbus also ensures that the navigation system will turn on and off automatically. This prevents the battery from running out if you accidentally left it on.

Fits in the following vehicles

VW Golf MK5 (2003-2008)
VW Golf MK6 (2009-2013)
VW Polo 6R (2009-2014)
VW Polo 6C (2014-2018) For this vehicle you need extra panel "CRNSPOLO14" and "MIB01" cable
VW Amarok (2010-2020)
VW Caddy (2003-2018)
VW EOS (2006-2013)
VW Jetta (2005-2013)
VW Multivan T5 (2010-2013)
VW New Beetle 2 (2011-2013)
VW Golf GTI / R (2003-2013)
VW Golf Plus (2003-2013)
VW Passat (2005-2016)
VW Passat CC (2008-2016)
VW Scirocco (2008-2018)
VW Sharan (2010-2020)
VW Touran (2003-2014)
VW Tiguan (2007-2014)
VW Transporter and Multivan T5 / T6 (from 2009)

Seat Altea (2004-2012)
Seat Altea XL (2007-2013)
Seat Leon (2006-2013)
Seat Toledo (2004-2015)
Seat Alhambra (2010-2016)

Skoda Fabia / Fabia Combi (2007-2014)
Skoda Octavia (2005-2013)
Skoda Roomster (2006-2014)
Skoda Superb (2008-2014)
Skoda Yeti (2008-2017)
Skoda Rapid (2012-2018)

For info: Transporter and Caddy models from 2015 sometimes require a MIB connector, article number MIB01.

• 2 x USB 2.0 with back extension cable
• 1 x Audio LF input (can also be used as aux)
• 1 x Audio RF input (can also be used as aux)
• 1 x Audio LF RF LR RR output (suitable for an amplifier)
• 2 x Video output (for additional displays)
• 1 x Video DVR input
• 1 x Subwoofer output
• 1 x Reversing camera input
• 1 x External Microphone Input

Packaging content
Car Radio
GPS antenna
RCA cables
USB cables
ISO plug
Manual multilingual

Although this device is not an official product of Volkswagen, the device has been specially designed by Avison for Volkswagen vehicles. This makes it a perfect replacement for the factory installed car radio.


  • Brand: AVISON
  • Fit: OEM
  • Screen: 8" HD
  • CPU: 8 Core
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Memory: 64 GB
  • OS: Android 13
  • Carplay: Wireless
  • Android Auto: Wireless
  • Read more

Pros and cons

  • Plug & Play
  • Works without programming
  • Built-in CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Built-in WIFI & Bluetooth
  • Fast & Stable hardware
  • Original car functions continue to work

Most frequently asked questions

Does this product come with all accessories?

This car radio comes complete with all accessories, including adapter cables and a GPS antenna. But it is not absolutely necessary to use all the supplied cables. The car radio has many options and that is why extra cables are supplied. Please note that in some cases you may need an extra cable or panel. Is the vehicle built from 2014? Then you usually need the MIB01 plug. Does your vehicle have an original reversing camera? Then you need an interface or an adapter cable for that. Do you have a Skoda or a Seat vehicle? And does the fit of the car radio not match the fit of the current car radio? Then you need a panel. If you need help with this, please contact us by email.

Do the buttons on the steering wheel and the parking sensors continue to work?

Yes, the media buttons on the steering wheel continue to work. If the parking sensors of your vehicle are original, they will be shown on the screen.

Does this product fit all Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda vehicles?

If your vehicle is listed in the product description then it certainly fits, is your vehicle not listed? But does the fit and size match? Then it is also suitable for your vehicle. As long as it is a Volkswagen, Seat or Skoda vehicle. So it's really about the fit, and if you look closely at the corners, you will see that they are rounded. You can actually easily find out from the corners of the product whether the product is suitable for your vehicle, even though it is not stated in the product description.

Does this product also support the original functions of the vehicle?

Of course! The product has a Canbus connection, so the original functions such as steering wheel controls, parking sensors and vehicle information continue to work. Do you have an original reversing camera? Then you will need an adapter cable or an interface.

Does this product support CarPlay and Android Auto?

Of course! The product has a built-in CarPlay and Android Auto function, so you don't need an extra module. The option works wirelessly and also wired via the USB connections of the car radio. The USB connections are located on the back of the car radio, and they can be extended with the supplied USB cable.

Do you need a mobile phone or internet to navigate?

This product has its own operating system, making it possible to install applications on the device. This means that you are ultimately not dependent on a mobile phone. Suppose you do not want to use a mobile phone connection, then it is possible to install navigation software for free so that you no longer become dependent on a mobile phone or the internet. Don't feel like installing applications? Then you can connect your mobile phone and use your phone's navigation application.

What else is useful to know about this product?

This product has an 8-core processor, which is twice as fast as most car radios with a 4-core processor. It also has an IPS screen for a clear and sharp image. The product is equipped with a powerful sound card with an equalizer for great sound from your speakers. It has a CE quality mark, making it suitable for the European market. The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

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