Years ago we started as an assembly workshop and over time we have grown into an international car electronics dealer. Because we started to assemble our own products, we got better and better at assembly and sales, because the feedbacks we received from our customers and the problems we saw ourselves we could discuss with the manufacturer, in order to have even better products made. . For example, if we saw during installation that a plug does not fit properly, or that they break off quickly, we would report this to the factory. And so we have been able to make a complete product thanks to our technicians and our customers. We mainly sell the European brand Avison®, we are also shareholder of the Avison® brand. Thanks to this brand, we have been able to provide many vehicles with a complete, high-quality navigation system, which is also affordable.

We are slowly expanding our range and services. We are also active in several countries in Europe. From our workplace and warehouse we send our products to almost all countries in Europe. Our customers receive great after sales service and a 2-year warranty on all products.

With us it is possible to pay afterwards with Klarna, so you can test the products first and then pay.

Not satisfied with your purchase? No problem for us, if you return the product neatly in new condition, we will refund the purchase price.