Why buy from Autoradioplaza?

Why buy from Autoradioplaza?

One of the reasons for choosing us when it comes to your car radio and accessories is because we are not box sliders. Our team consists of only specialists who have real understanding and knowledge about the product that is offered. We are also one of the few who carries out the repair of the product ourselves, so that we get to know the product better. This also enables us to make adjustments to the product. Some examples:

1. Most providers of car radios with Android operating system have products with 1 GB RAM and 4 Core processor. This while we sell products with a minimum of 2 GB and an 8 Core processor. This means that the product you buy from us is much faster and more stable. The chance that it gets stuck while navigating or watching video is therefore considerably smaller.

In addition, we usually also provide you with a minimum of 32 GB of storage memory. You need this if you don't use Carplay or Android Auto and download a lot of apps on the device.

2. We have our own stock, we do not send products from the supplier. Everything you receive from us comes from our own warehouse. This gives us a very fast delivery time.

3. The products we sell carry a real CE mark, which is why our products are made for the European market.

4. We do not sell used products, all products we sell are new.

5. We do not work with an intermediary, our products come directly from the factory. This enables us to set quality requirements. For example, we pay extra to test the products all 1 by 1 after production. So there is no sampling and testing of a few products after production. Due to the additional payment, all products are tested for errors after production. As a result, we hardly receive any products back that are defective. The chance that a customer will receive a defective product is therefore less than 0.01%

6. You will receive the product from us that is described according to the description and that matches the photo as shown. We have noticed that some competitors are using our description and photo, but not selling the same product as us. As a result, you will not receive the product as in the description and in the photo.

7. We are able to supply a product for any vehicle, even if it is not on the website.

There are still many advantages, although these are the most important advantages of Autoradioplaza. These are a number of points that you can pay attention to when purchasing a new product.


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